An old man and his donkey

My mother used to tell us many tales during our childhood. One of them was about “the old man and his donkey.” I tell my niece this tales for remembering my mother. She likes it very much too.

Once upon a time there was an old man who lived in a small village. He just wanted to go to Istanbul. But he didn’t have enough money. One day he decided to visit Istanbul. He rode on the donkey and began to travel to Istanbul. He came from his Village to Istanbul in three days. He bound his donkey to pillar of telephone when he came to Istanbul. But he didn’t know, in which region in Istanbul he was. He began to walk in Istanbul. He forgot  his donkey until towards the evening. He came back to his donkey. But he couldn’t remember, where he bound donkey. He looked for it everywhere. But he didn’t find it.

He was very tired, hungry and dirty. Also he wanted to sleep. He went to a hotel and booked a room. He was very worried, “ where was the donkey”. He continued to look for the donkey. It became dark. He thought and said “I am very tired. I am going to find the donkey tomorrow. I must go to the hotel. He came back to the hotel and went to the room directly. The bed was the most cleanest. But he was very dirty. He said to him self  “If I sleep in this bed, it will be dirty. I can’t sleep. I can sleep under the bedstead.”  He stayed under the bedstead and slept.

One young pair came to the same hotel and asked “Is there a room for us?” The receptionist didn’t see the old man. He told them; that an old man booked a room. But he didn’t come. The receptionist gave them the room of the old man. They went to the room. The joung man said to his girl friend.  “I can see Istanbul in your eyes.” The old man woke up and cried out. “ If you see the whole city , can you see my donkey too.”

Imren Tüzün

02 February,2002