Photos by İmren Çalışkan Tüzün

Brice Marden at the Hamburger Bahnhof - Museum Gegenwart in Berlin

The retrospective exhbition of Brice Marden expose until October 07, 2007 in Berlin. This exhibiton organized by the Museum of Modern Art - Newyork in cooperation with the National Galerie in Berlin. Made possible by the Verein der Freunde der National Galerie and supported by Deutsche Bank A.G.

Without his biography it is not possiple to understand this exhibition. His paintings connected with his life and travel. Because of we have to look at his life at the same time with the exhibition.

He was born October 15, 1938 in Bronxville in America. After his education at the Yale University(1963) he moved to New York and began to work as aguard at the Jewish Museum. He met to Jasper Jones there and impressed from his work.

He created his first monocrome painting in 1964 and became assistent to Rausschenberg in the following years. His first solo exhbition happened at the Wilcox Gallery im Swart Collage in Pennsylvania in 1964. He participated Documenta in 1972 and a retrospective exhibition im Solomon Guggenheim.

At the beginning of the 1970`s he travelled to Greek Island of Hydra. The light and Landscape of Greek Island impressed him very much. Also he is interested in greek architecture and mithology.

Marden views the exhibiton japanese calligraphy from 8th and 19 th century at the Japan House Gallery in 1983 - 1984.

In his retrospective exhibtion there are 54 works. 43 pantings and 11 drawings.Exhibiton begins with a woman figur which he borrowed from goya paintings. The tittle of work is "homage to Art" . In first section there some monocrome works and drawings which painted with pink and gouche on the paper. Title of works are " muses drawings“ In the other section his big monocrome paintings which painted on canvas. From this serie "grove group" is important exampel. When he trvalled to greek Island he was imperessed deeply from sight of greek olives. On this paintings the colour neuter. They are like a wall, just facade. He fixed colour on canvas. In the Mediterranen cultur there is a spacial name of olive trees and they are sacred. It is not possiple to feel any other colour behind of first colour. They are not emotional and close the view.

On other monocrome paintings he used dark blue, like a night without moon. He brings same dimension canvas together, but some of the same colour some of them different. The works in the Cold Mountain series ( 1989 -1991) are drawings. On the big canvas he painted first cold colour, as dirty white or gray and he drawed. His fdrawing is like calligraphy. But the colour which he used behind of the drawings are more harmonic than monocrome paintings. On a poster of his an exhibiton he was drawing with wood on canvas. It must be a different way to draw him.

What does this calliprahic drawings means? The drawings are in complete confusion. Perhaps it is a way to express his soul, his feeling. Some time our feeling can be very clear some time confuse. It remind me to look at inside of the people or mine. Are thre many lines our inside which is very complex.

İmren Çalışkan Tüzün