Emigrate to a new life

Emigretion to the other countries has both advantages and disadvanstages. Nowadays many people want to move to a new country in search of a new life. Some people are unhappy and don’t earn enough Money lo lead their life in their country. They expect a new life and more freedom. Sometimes they have to move because of health conditions and social problems.

On the plus side, moving to another country make them a lot closer as a family. They can spend their time together, do sports and go sightseeing around the city and new country.

After they arrive to the new country, they get to know people, culture, tradition, and religion. It will be possiple for them to make some friends. After that, they can prefer, who they keep in touch with. Without relation they will have more freedom and spend their time for them selves. They don’t have to visit and care for families.

However, for every plus plus the is minus. There are a lot of heavy conditions for emigration. People have to apply to the embassy to be an emigrant. They have to fill in a form and wait for the decision of the applied country. If the country accepts them as an emigrant, it will cause another problems. It will take a long time to get used to a new life. If they don’t find a work easily, they will have financial problems.

Of course lunguage is very important to keep in touch with the people. At the beginning they can feel as other in the new country. A new weather will be problem for them.

In conclusion, I think, that people have to search all conditions of a new country. If it is possible, they should visit this country before leave. They have to be sure, If they can afford a new life there or not.

At the other side a new life will be interesting.


Imren Tüzün

Antalya,  January 22, 2004