Notting Hill

I saw a film in 1999, while I was travelling in Istanbul. The name of the film was” Notting Hill”. Two famous Filmstar starred in this Film. Julia Roberts and Hughy Grant.

There were three important parts. Julia Roberts was acting as an American Filmstar. Her name was Anna Scott. The other Actor was Hughy Grant, who was starring an a bookshop owner. His name was Tucker. He was living with a friend. His friendsname was Spike.

Anna Scott came to the bookshop, while she was visiting Portobello in London. Anna wanted to buy a travel book about Turkey. Tucker was speaking with his mother on the phone, when she arrived. Tucker’s hepler told him “Anna Scott came here”. Ofcourse Tucker knew her. He greeted her and asked:” What kind of book do you want?”. She answered.” I want to buy a travel book about Turkey.”

Tucker recommended her some books. But he behaved coldly towards her.

After the bookshop she continued to visit Portebello. But Tucker was unhappy to behaved her coldly.Tucker began to walk a cup of coffee in his hand. During his walk Anna and Tucker fought. He made her dress dirty. In this connection Tucker invited her home to change dresses. They came home. Anna was going to upstairs to change her dresses.

Tucker was shy. Because his home was very untidy. He began to put in order the kitchen, while she was caming dawnstairs. He told her.: “ My homefriend is not well-organized. Sorry for mess.”Tucker asked “ would you like to drink something?” She said “No, thank you. I must g oto my hotel.”  Tucker  didn’t know, until when she was in London. He tought, whether  she was calling him.

One day she phoned him. But he wasn’t at home.  His friend spike spoke her on the phone. She gave Spike her phone number.

But Spike lost  the phone number.  At last Tucker found her number. A lot of writer of feature articles were waiting in front of her door at the hotel, while tucker came to the hotel. Her manager asked him “ why are you coming?” , “What do you do?” Tucker told the manager : “I am coming from “ House and Horse”, I would like to see Anna Scott.” But her manager didn’t believe him.

After a few minutes Tucker went  in her room. But they talked for five minutes. Because  Anna ddin’t have much free time for him. So She was a famous filmstar. During the door he could just say “ I want to see you again.” She said “I am too.”

Tucker’s sister wanted to celebrate her birthday. In this connection Tucker invited Anna his sister’s birthday.

Tucker  introduced Anna to his friends. His friends were very happy to see a famous filmstar at their home.After the beautiful night she came back to the hotel.

Anna must go back to America. But she decided to stay at tucker’s home. Tucker gave her his room. They fell in love.  She was happy to stay at Tucker’s home without  other people. Meanwhile  Spike told the press :“ Anna scott was staying at ours home.”

After a few days the door rang, while they were at home. Tucker opened the door. A lot of journalist were in front of home. He closed the door quickly. But spike opened the door again. Tucker caught Spike and closed door. Anna was worried. She just tought, Tucker must have done it. She left the house early as possible.

Anna went to America. The routine of Tucker was going to be habit again. He was putting out with Anna.

One day Anna was coming to London. She visited Tucker at the bookshop. She waited to communicate again. But Tucker told “ You are famous. I can’t  keep in touch with you, I am sorry.”

But Tucker regretted. Tucker and his friends went to the hotel, while she was  at a press conference. Anna and Tucker decided getting married quickly.So they were happy soon.



Imren Tüzün

About film:

“Notting Hill”, 1999


Roger Michell


Richard Curtis


Julia Roberts, Hugh Grant, Richard McCabe