Press Bulletin

Paul Ernst Wilke is a German impressionist artist who lived between 1894-1971. Born in Bremerhaven, the city built an atelier in his name in 1948 in which Paul Ernst Wilke continued his works for the rest of his life. In order to carry on his name, the “Paul Ernst Wilke e.V.” (Paul Ernst Wilke Association) was formed. The Association that today continues under the name, “Wilke Atelier Kuntsförderung,” (Wilke Atelier Artist Support) has bought the right to use the studio and has taken on the task to renew it. From 1986 to now, the Wilke Atelier Association gives artists all over the world the chance to live and work in the Wilke Atelier for two months.

Artists apply for this opportunity presented by the Association with a folder including their works. Found in the association's structure, the Advisory Board then evaluates the applications and determines who the guest artist will be.

İmren Çalışkan Tüzün's application was evaluated by the Wilke Atelier jury and she was invited to Bremerhaven by the Associaton in subject to live and work in the Wilke Atelier as a video artist between July 1 2011 and August 31.

The artwork Tüzün will be accomplishing in her time spent there compares the Mediterranean with the North Sea and aims to juxtapose the two cultures. In this way, she filmed two one-minute videos in Antalya, under the titles “Silence and desire” and “a married woman in front of the Mediterranean.” In Bremerhaven, however, she will take pictures of the city and its surroundings and carry out the site work that she had planned to accomplish.

Located on the shore of Germany's North Sea, Bremerhaven is an important port city of the country. Cars, tractors and machinery produced in Germany is exported from this port to other countries. From the beginning of the 19th century, towards the end of the 20th century, (between the period of 1960-1970s,) seven million Germans from Bremerhaven, in hopes of better work and way of life, emigrated via ships to predominantly North and South America and Australia. The history of this emigration was re-animated and the immigrants were recorded in the museum called “Deutsche Auswanderer Haus” (German Emigration Centre.) The history of sailing can also be seen in the “Nationalmuseum Shiffahrtsmuseum.” Additionally, Bremerhaven is a city in which many immigrants from Turkey live.

Translation by Selin Elyay