Two hours on the way

My husband and I flew to Istanbul by plane on 26 October 2002. We planned to stay at my sister’shome. My sister took us along from the Atatürk Airport to her home.

There was an Art and Book Fair at TÜYAP in Istanbul between October 26, -November 03, 2002.

I received an invitation for breakfast via Internet from Sanal Muze. They wanted to meet members of Sanalmuze at the Artfair. I informed Sanalmuze, that I wanted to participate on October 27,2002.

We decided to go to the Artfair in Beylikdüzü by my sister’s car. The Book and Artfair Istanbul were prepared in Beylikdüzü by TÜYAP for the first time. Beylikdüzü was unknown for lots of people. We didin’t know too, where Beylikdüzü is exactly in Istanbul. We have known, that Beylikdüzü is near the Airport.

At the same time we didn’t have a cityplan. We sat quietly in the car, while my sister was driving to the Airport. A man showed us the way. But we lost our way and came back to the city center. We stopped at a petrol station. My sister asked it again. After some information she began to drive to Avcılar. She was hungry and worried about us. She said,” why didn’t you get a phone number or city plan?”

We drove around the motorway several times. Finally we left her car and took a taxi. She decided  to drive after the taxi.

We found the Art and Book Fair in two hours. It was really interesting and the worst trip for us.

Imren Tüzün

Antalya, December 12, 2002