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Born in Demre in 1963, İmren Tüzün took a degree in Tourism Management in Akdeniz University in 1984. She graduated Department of Philosophy, Open Education Faculty, Anadolu University in 2018.

In 1991, she commenced her study of painting at the Kaleiçi Sanatevi – Muhittin Selamet Studio, and has continued her work in an independent capacity since 1996, working from her own studio since 2001.

She has studied the art collections in various museums in London, Venice, Berlin, Florence, Milan, Paris, St. Petersburg, Skopje, Pristina, Detmold, Bremen, Bremerhaven, Nürnberg, Cologne, Kassel, Vienna, Kassel, Atlanta and New York.

She participated in the first Antalya Painting Festival as a member of the Organizational Committee and is a member of International Association of Art-Turkey (AIAP) and BESAM.

She organized The Young Artist Exhibition in Turkey which was related International Paint Pals in Atlanta in 2008.

She made two short films which were titled "On the Move", "Innocent Drawings" and three videos "Walking on the Sea", "a married woman in front of the Mediterrenean" and "silence and desire". She organized 1. Antalya Lemon Short Film Days on November 20-22, 2009 with Françoise Pierrot, Levent Arslan and Ahmet Tüzün and 2. Antalya Lemon Short Fim Days with Ahmet Tüzün, Françoise Pierrot Atay on March 25-27 March 2011.

Her writings and interviews on literature have been published in various literary magazines.

She lost her soulmate, Literary Ahmet Tüzün on 04 March 2012. She began to archive their book to built a Library.

She is proficient in English and German. She lives and works in Antalya/Turkey.

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