'innocent drawings'



Demre, or Myra as it was known in antiquity, the place where I spent my childhood, has left its mark on
world civilization. The first steps towards democracy were taken here by the Lycian Empire established here. Recent
research has even revealed that the first Declaration of Human Rights was made here by the Lycians. But these
are not the only things that make Lycia important; Saint Niclaus, protector of the children of the world,
also lived in this regionand addressed the world from here. The children of the civilizations that made up
Lycia and later settled here have left thousands of innocent drawings on these Mediterranean shores. They have drawn
their loves, their hopes and their fears in the sand, caught up in a dream that will last for years.

And even today, those who come to Demre draw what they are feeling on the shore of Andriake. Even though there are
other ways to explain and express”.

Synopsis : Imren Tüzün – Ahmet Tüzün

Translation : Anne Valerie Needham